Open House Saturday

Open House Saturday

Looking for an adventure in global transformation close to home?!  We're all about the kind of effective outreach that connects us to one another even as we connect to the refugees who now call Texas home.

Anyone who has a talent for welcoming, teaching, equipping, advocating, demonstrating, explaining, networking, hiring, or simply befriending – whether you’re young or old – EVERYONE is welcome!  All find a haven for kindred spirits here. Come feel the genuine joy of coordinating with people whose hearts mirror your own, no matter what available time or interests you may bring to the table.

We are teachers, doctors, fix-it folk, lawyers, drivers, electricians, pilots, store managers, computer gurus, homemakers, nannies, decorators, coaches, authors, engineers, social workers, firemen, department heads, cooks, business men and women, high school students, retirees and upstarts, and volunteers hailing from our own faith community and beyond.

We assist refugees with the challenges of any great transition - from utilities to PTAs, college applications to job searches, conferences with apartment managers to consults with nurse practitioners, where and when to shop wisely, how to speak English with a Texas accent, and how to stay on track with all the legal do's and don'ts triggered by arriving here as a documented refugee. 

The White's Chapel Refugee Initiative is one of the many missions housed under Whites Chapel Methodist, a 501(c)(3) whose mantra is: "The Church has left the building!"  Our goal is to leave the world a better place because we walked this way.  We hope you'll consider walking with us.

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For more info or to volunteer, contact: 

Ann K. Davis, Director