A New Language - August 8-9

A New Language - August 8-9

The languages of Respect, Belonging, and Inclusiveness have long been at the core of WC's spiritual intent.  In the case of refugees, we add one more language:  English.  For them, the WC Refugee Initiative's English Language Learning program (ELL) is their ticket to survival in America.  For our volunteers, the repeated joy of making such a visible difference in others' lives is one of the most fulfilling activities imaginable.

In 2023, White's Chapel and First Methodist, Hurst swung open the doors to a partner-ship serving over 150 refugee families hailing from all parts of the world.  As America's guests under the U.S. Refugee Treaty of 1980, their single goal is to become valued contributers to our democracy - adopting both our culture and our language.

To that end, every Saturday morning from 10:00 to noon, adult students gather with WC and FUMC volunteers to explore six levels of English. Using the Cambridge Ventures series, we share an appealing curriculum that's easy to teach and includes endless practical lessons in American culture.  We are creative and inspired - with widely varied roles ideal for meeting any volunteer’s interests and time available!  And what do our refugees get out of all this? Better job opportunities, positive integration into life as Texans, and the chance to add real value as conversant members of our communities.

This year we anticipate more refugees than ever - including for the first time, Ukrainian emigres.  To improve their world - and ours - our ELL program will need more volunteers than ever.  The minimum commitment is small – just four hours a month.  Do you qualify? 

Consider yourself invited to join us in a program of uniquely successful classes held every Saturday starting August 12.  Faculty training will be presented in two summer workshops.  We hope you'll choose one, then attend either on: 

•         Tuesday, August 8 @ 7:00 p.m. - White’s Chapel 185 S. White Chapel Blvd., Southlake, Adult Education Building, Rawlins Hall, #3103


•         Wednesday, August 9 @ 7:00 p.m. – First United Methodist Church of Hurst, 521 W. Pipeline Road, Hurst, Room W121 (Entry Door W5)

Like the world's 70 million refugees, we, too, have known the feeling of powerlessness - and the enduring good of a Hand extended across the water. Come make English the Language of Christ's Love.

Ann Davis, Director, White's Chapel Refugee Initiative - davis.ann.k@gmail.com

Laura Bussell, Manager, English Language Learning - lbussell8@outlook.com  

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