40 ways to Help a Refugee

40 ways to Help a Refugee

40 Ways to Help a Refugee

These individuals have undergone tremendous difficulties and are starting over in a new country and culture.  While there are organizations that help them with a place to live and may even offer basic necessities, what they need is a friend and ally who can help them acclimate.  Could you:

  • Be a sincere friend

  • Reach out to people on the periphery

  • Take a stand against intolerance

  • Promote compassion and understanding

  • Make a visit

  • Get to know first hand what is really needed; don’t assume

  • Learn about the food, holidays, and traditions of others

  • Share a meal

  • Celebrate a holiday together

  • Invite someone to join your family night

  • Teach a new skill

  • Learn a new skill

  • Make introductions

  • Ask questions

  • Exchange ideas and experiences

  • Highlight strengths in other cultures

  • Speak to your town council about needed services

  • Forgive ofenses or misunderstandings and try again

  • Shop at locally owned businesses

  • Welcome new people to the neighborhood

  • Volunteer to teach a language

  • Defend others from bigotry

  • Learn kids’ names

  • Learn a sport

  • Teach a sport

  • Offer employment to someone unexpected

  • Visit people who are ill

  • Teach each other songs and jokes

  • Extend an invitation to a cultural event

  • Offer to babysit

  • Give a ride

  • Practice interviewing for a job

  • Donate household goods

  • Help children study

  • Act as a grandma or grandpa to someone whose family is far away

  • Volunteer with a local organization whose work you admire

  • Be a mentor

  • Find local solutions rather than relying on bureaucratic programs or funds

  • Recognize that time and relationships are more valuable than things

  • Don’t hesitate to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit

Download PDF:  40 Ways to Help